Files renamed on upload

I'm running Omeka 5.3, and I have just noticed that my files are being renamed when I upload them.

The nicely named 55756_Nether Poppleton.pdf becomes the slightly less nice 040629d353b88a38c8eceb032fe0c32c.pdf

The original filename is still displayed on the item show page.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this might be happening?



The files are renamed on the file system to make sure that they are unique since they are all stored within the same directory.

This new filename is stored in the database under omeka_files.archive_filename and the original filename is stored under omeka_files.original_filename which is displayed to the user.

Thanks for the explanation - I guess that it makes sense from a technical point of view. I wonder if that doesn't confuse the user though?

A less technical user may not notice that the file they are saving has a different name to the one displayed with the record? I wonder if there is a way to display not the original filename, but the new, unique one?