"fileinfo" module not loaded

I have installed Omeka 2.0.4 on Bluehost. The PHP version is 5.2.17.

When doing the Omeka installation I received the message --- "fileinfo" module not loaded.

I know this issue has been raised on the Forum previously, but I have not seen this particular scenario. In this case Tech Support at Bluehost informs me that splfileinfo is active on the server. Is this the wrong fileinfo or is there something that I need to edit or ...?

I understand from previous postings that Omeka should run even without the fileinfo module being present. Are there any risks involved in doing this?

Please advise. I am very new to this and appreciate your assistance.

After circling back with BlueHost Tech Support they did the following --- "As of PHP 5.3, Fileinfo is shipped with the main distribution and enabled by default, so I created you a 5.3 php.ini file and moved it to your site's root folder. I verified with a phpinfo page that SplFileInfo is in fact working."

How can I tell if my Omeka installation is now able to find the fileinfo module?