File Upload: The file 'file_0_' can't be written

Hi, having an issue tonight where I'm unable to upload images. I haven't had any problems prior to tonight. Running Omeka 1.1, at Hostgator. I alternately get "File Upload: The file 'file_0_' can't be written" or internal server 500 error, also had one Omeka error that said I should contact a supervisor/admin.

Follow-up: the other error I get is "Something went wrong with image creation. Please notify an administrator."

Sounds like there might be a problem at Hostgator if you were able to upload images on other days. You should probably contact them, they will be your administrator.


Thanks, the issue seems related to the original file size. I hadn't been worrying about the input image file width, as I understand Omeka builds thumbnail/fullsize on the fly. But it seems that some particularly large image files (perhaps 8000 pixels wide) were crashing the upload. Not sure if the issue was Omeka related, or the Hostgator MySql. I resized them and it works OK now.


Are you still having a problem uploading images?

If so, make sure the webserver user has permission to write to your omeka archive directory and all of its subdirectories (like files, thumbnails, etc).

Also ask your webhost for the the path to ImageMagick binary. For example, it might be something like /usr/bin/convert
Then put goto your General Settings and edit your imagemagick directory path. In this case, the directory path would be /usr/bin

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Will, looks like we just posted at the same time. It is working now, I am just ensuring that the width of my original input file is reduced. Image resolution is not visibly impacted, so I am in good shape.

Our site suddenly started doing this today (still on Omeka 1.4.2). I poked at the directory protections as a lark and now we get 500 server errors. Suggestions on debugging this further are welcome.
This site is hosted by Dreamhost, so it is possible they changed some underlying support somewhere, but 10am on a wednesday seems odd time for that...

I'd suggest double-checking that the server still has permission to write to the archives directory, and to all its subdirectories.

If that doesn't resolve things, could you post up all of exactly the error you are getting?

So, it's working now. We made no changes, so either there's some transient issue or Dreamhost temporarily changed our running ID or something that conflicted with the protection settings.

Sorry for the (somewhat) false alarm. I appreciate the help. Looking forward to V2!