File Metadata: Cannot find an element with an ID of '87'!

Hi guys,

An issue we are having with editing file metadata.

Problem: When you go to add/edit metadata for a file (not item but file of the item), when you click save changes, it gives the error:
Cannot find an element with an ID of '87'!
or 88 or 89 or 127 whatever.

Support Chatter: I had seen a thread on this a while back that it was related to DublicCoreExtended plugin. I experimented and found this to be true. The thread said a fix will be there in 1.2. I upgraded to 1.2 and plugins. Upgrade went well but issue still there.

Is there any work being done on this? Anyone else still having this? Possible solution thoughts that I can take a crack at it.



example url:

ignore the example url.


Thanks for reminding us. The fixed version of the Dublin Core Extended plugin is now available for download:

Just replace the plugin and upgrade it in the plugins page.


Thanks Jim!

I will update on result.

Thanks again! It worked.