File is Partial (401) error


I'm trying to upgrade to Omeka 2.2.2. Following the instructions, I've backed up my database, deactivated my plugins, and moved the old installation elsewhere on my server. When I try to move the files for 2.2.2 onto my server, I'm getting a "File is partial" (401) error. I completely moved all my folders over to a backup so that the domain is empty--was there something I was supposed to leave in?


The new files should all be moved in, so it shouldn't be empty after you've uploaded the new stuff, if I'm following right.

You should also copy the db.ini file back over to the domain, and the files folder and everything in it (if upgrading from before 2.0, this should be renamed to files from archives, per a detail in the upgrade process).

What version of Omeka were you upgrading from?

I think I've solved this! Mostly because I made the exact same mistake last time and the answer showed up in my twitter feed. The DreamHost webftp does not like empty files, and throws up a partial file error. I switched to filezilla and all is well. I'm posting in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

Thanks! I'm sure it'll help someone!