Feedback Needed: I'm designing a new theme. Screenshot inside.

Hello Community,

I am working on a new Omeka theme which I will release shortly (in a matter of days).


Mirror Link (in case you check it after I deleted it from my server):


I would like to know your thoughts. I will be very responsive and if you come up with a suggestion chances are I'll implement it.

Suggestions can relate to:

  • The design
  • The structure
  • Features you would like to see included
  • Anything else

When everything is done, I will release the theme for free and submit it to the Omeka Themes gallery.

Thank you.

Many thanks! Have you considered making it available on GitHub (or some other accessible location)?

One thing that we ask of addon builders to have their work available in the Themes or Plugins gallery is that the addon provide a support link. Having the code on GitHub makes the issues pages a great solution to that requirement.

Thank you Patrick!

Yes, I saw this in your theme designers' guidelines and will most likely use GitHub for support.

The theme is finished and coded.

I made a few changes to the design:

Mirror Link:


As I said, the theme is finished and available for download at GitHub.

GitHub Repository:

I signed up for the Omeka addons site and, as soon as / if I get approved, I'll submit the theme there.

Thanks! I've changed your role on the addons site to addon contributor, so you should be able to package it up and upload now.

I grabbed the code and poked around just a little bit, especially looking at common problem areas with plugins (Commenting and Geolocation are notorious for causing problems), and those looked okay to me. I left an issue about Exhibit Builder show pages on github (possible that that's only there on my dev installation, though, but might be worth a check).

If you haven't already left info under the Designer/Developer Marketplace section of the forums, please feel free to do so there if you want to try to push more customization traffic to you.

Thanks again!

Hi Patrick,

I have replied to the issue you posted on GitHub.

I cannot seem to find a way to experience the issue you saw, but I don't want to release the theme with a known bug already. I added it to the theme site, but only as a Draft, and will submit it for approval only after I can understand this issue better.

Thanks Patrick!

I am going to update the theme for 2.3 and report back.