FedoraConnector won't import PDF datastream

I'm trying out the FedoraConnector plugin, and I've got the basics working: I can associate a Fedora object with an Omeka item, and I can import the DC datastream and populate the Omeka item's DC fields from the Fedora object's DC metadata. But I can't get it to import the PDF datastream. I can associate the PDF datastream with the Omeka item, and it shows up on the "Fedora Datastreams" form for that item. On that form the link in the "Datastream ID" column works, and I can fetch the PDF, and the "mime-type" column has "application/pdf"; but the PDF doesn't show up in the public view of the item.

In the "Object Metadata" column of the "Fedora Datastreams" form, it has "DC [import]", as if it thinks this is another DC datastream. If I click the "import" link, it reimports the values from the Fedora object's DC datastresm (so I end up with two identical title fields etc.)

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong?

Here's the PDF datastream:

<foxml:datastream ID="PDF" STATE="A" CONTROL_GROUP="E" VERSIONABLE="false">
<foxml:datastreamVersion ID="PDF.0" LABEL="1934-02-12_RCB_to_Commissioner_of_Internal_Revenue_id5346" CREATED="2012-06-15T05:07:17.757Z" MIMETYPE="application/pdf">
<foxml:contentLocation TYPE="URL" REF="file:///Volumes/Archive/digitization/corr.1933-40/C/pdf/1934-02-12_RCB_to_Commissioner_of_Internal_Revenue_id5346.pdf"/>

Could it be the file:// url that's confusing things?

You might want to post this on the Developers group: https://groups.google.com/group/omeka-dev

I'm sure you have, but in case you haven't read it, the README file contains a lot of detailed instructions for configuring the plugin: https://github.com/scholarslab/FedoraConnector/blob/master/README.md

Thanks, Sheila - it turned out to be an unsaved configuration change. An Emily Litella moment, I'm afraid.