FedoraConnector doesn't show images

I have installed the FedoraConnector 2.1.3 in Omeka 2.2.2. I've set up the Fedora connector and that looks okay. I can import the title from a DC datastream. However, when I try to connect to an image datastream, nothing happens - except the text "image" appears on the record. Here is an example datastream that I am trying to reach:

<foxml:datastream CONTROL_GROUP="M" ID="web_ms-ms0001-010-0006-s01-v.jpg" STATE="A" VERSIONABLE="false">
<foxml:datastreamVersion CREATED="2009-06-10T05:56:30.212Z" FORMAT_URI="unknown"
ID="web_ms-ms0001-010-0006-s01-v.jpg.1" LABEL="/tmp/web_ms-ms0001-010-0006-s01-v.jpg" MIMETYPE="image/jpeg" SIZE="-1">
<foxml:contentLocation REF="DU:30006322+web_ms-ms0001-010-0006-s01-v.jpg+web_ms-ms0001-010-0006-s01-v.jpg.1" TYPE="INTERNAL_ID"/>

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

The problem seems to have something to do with the src url in the file 11-Image.php. The src url for my image looks like this:


Instead, at least for my installation of Fedora, it should look like this:

http://localhost:8080/fedora/objects/DU:890/datastreams/[fedora datastream ID]/content

So is this a code problem, a fedora installation problem, or something that I haven't set correctly? Any thoughts?