fedora linked collection thumbnails

Hi. We're using Omeka 2.3.1. We have several image items that are pulling directly from Fedora as well as some directly added omeka pdf items.

I can get both types of item to display thumbnails in all the different views, but I can't get a collection thumbnail to display for any of the fedora items. I'm not even sure sure how the collection thumbnail is selected.

Any help is much appreciated.

Am I guessing right that you are using the FedoraConnector plugin?

If I remember right, that plugin makes it possible to display images directly from the Fedora Repo, without actually importing the bitstreams.

If that's the case, then Omeka wouldn't know how to get a thumbnail for the collection. It basically works by picking an item from the collection, and displaying that as the representative image for the collection. Thus, if there are no images imported right in to Omeka for the items, the system won't know how to dig up a thumbnail for the collection.