Fatal error

I'm trying to get my install of Omeka working, and I get the following in my error log:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function iconv_strlen() in /home/madolan/public_html/omeka/application/libraries/Zend/Validate/StringLength.php

I can get the initial install page, but when I enter my info and click Continue I just get a half-loaded HTML page (some formatting, no text content) back and this message in my error log. The tables are getting created in my database, so *something's* going right, but what is causing this error?

It sounds like your copy of PHP doesn't have the iconv_strlen() function. Which version of PHP do you have? iconv_strlen() should work with PHP5.

I just hit this too, while attempting to recover from my laptop blowing up.

Turned out the iconv is a separate PHP module, at least in my distro of Linux (Mandriva). You might just need to have whomever has access to installing PHP also install the php-iconv module.