Fatal Error In new Exhibit Builder 3.1

Hey there, I've been working on some new code and just got the new version of exhibit builder loaded up for testing and for some reason its throwing some errors when I go to install it.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_shortcode() in /home/swflemin/public_html/home/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/functions.php on line 14

function exhibit_builder_initialize()
add_translation_source(dirname(__FILE__) . '/languages');
add_shortcode ('exhibits', 'exhibit_builder_exhibits_shortcode');
add_shortcode ('featured_exhibits', 'exhibit_builder_featured_exhibits_shortcode');

something to do with these shortcodes.

If you've pulled EB from github, you're working with a version that hasn't been released yet, and depends on some new things in Omeka 2.2, most notably the shortcodes.

So, you'll either want to also grab Omeka from github for the update, or wait a couple days until it is all released together.

Thanks for the info, good point I didn't even notice the version number change on omeka, testing that out too :)

Thanks again for pointing this out, looking forward to the update :)