FATAL Error in Griddy theme

I am completely new to this open source software. I installed and viewed the Griddy theme but it is coming up with an error message.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function body_tag() in /home//.com/museum/themes/griddy/common/header.php on line 31

What version of Omeka are you using? When you're logged into the Omeka admin area, you can find it listed in the "Site Overview" panel on the right or on the right side of the footer. The body_tag() function was introduced in Omeka version 1.4.

Yes, turns out it was a 1.3 version. I have dreamhost as a hosting provider. They apparently have an old version for their 1-click install. I am upgrading as we speak and will see if that fixes the issues. Thanks for your help thus far!

Problem resolved. After upgrading (hopefully never have to do that again) it worked. Had more problems with the actual upgrade than the theme. Thanks! Looks good. Just need to change the background to suit my needs.