Fatal Error from directory name change

Hello, I recently made changes to the CSS of the site and changed the main directory folder's name. I received this error on the index page when I did that:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function head()

I have not changed the index.php file and I have cleared caches. I also changed the directory back to it's original name.

What would cause this and how do I fix it?

Follow-up: sorry for the terseness of first message, I was typing on my phone while in transit. I know the fatal error is from the directory name change, because it was working fine up until then. I changed the directory back when I realized the error, but it didn't resolve it. I feel so badly because we were supposed to show a prototype at a meeting today, and I cannot figure out how to undo this. I can still log into the administrator control panel, but none of the pages on the site will display. Here is the full error (directory listing removed):

Fatal error: Call to undefined function head() in /home/.../index.php on line 1

The directory listing will probably be helpful: can you say exactly which folder you changed? I'm guessing it was something within the theme's folder?

Hi Patrick, thanks for your quick response. I changed the title of the main folder that all the omeka files are in. I quickly changed it back once I saw the error.

I have a feeling that something else is going on here -- doesn't seem like the problem should still be there, and an error like what you have is generally caused by other kinds of path problems.

It looks like a folder containing some functions is missing, or can't be read. Do you still see a file with a path like this:

/application/helpers/Functions.php ?