Fatal Error After Upgrade to 2.1.3

My organization's shared Bluehost server was recently infected with some severe malware. The company that is working on it has done a fairly good job recovering our main site, but I have been left to fix a crippled Omeka install myself. The database seemed fine, but I had not access to the Admin panel, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to 2.1.3. Because I had no access to the admin panel, I was unable to deactivate the plugins before upgrading.

Things seemed to be coming up after the install, but I could not get any of my modified themes to work correctly. I reverted back to the stock themes, and even those seem to randomly apply themselves.

The worst issue is that the following error is reported in the item list both on the public and the admin side.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function lcfirst() in /home3/wdchuman/public_html/dcdm/plugins/Coins/views/helpers/Coins.php on line 57

The lists show one item, then the error message, and then none of the other items.

Does it seem like this is still a product of the malware? Is it a problem with the new security measures our organization has implemented? Or is it something else?

Our Omeka site is at wdchumanities.org/dcdm

Am I guessing correctly that the previous version was earlier than 2.0?

If so, then there are probably several other things at work, not the malware or new security. For the modified themes, there are several changes to the functions used between 1.5 and 2.0, and so those would need to be updated. There's some help here. It seems odd, though, for the stock themes to misbehave.

The fatal error that you are getting is fixed in the downloadable version of the COinS plugin, but not in the bundled version. Updating just that plugin should make it go away. Alternatively, if I remember right, Bluehost lets you choose which version of PHP to use. Switching to at least PHP 5.3 will also fix the issue.

Thanks so much for this! The updated COinS plugin seems to have fixed everything. The stock themes even appear to have stabilized.