Extra page

I changed themes (from Berlin to Thanks Roy), and now an additional page loads before the homepage (it shows the same info as the homepage but without the title). Can't figure out how to edit it or delete it.

This might be a difference in the settings for the theme. In particular, I think Thanks Roy won't show the site title if a logo file has been uploaded.

I did not have a logo before and the page suddenly appeared. I would like to know how do delete the page, but I don't see where it may be deleted.

If the site is publicly available, could you give a link to the homepage and the page that appears before the homepage, if they both appear? (just one or the other will also be helpful)

Are you using a Simple Page as your homepage? If you are, you should go to Appearance->Navigation and check to make sure it's still selected as the home page.

Hello! I am still dealing with this ghost page that popped out on my site. I don't know how to delete it or even edit it because I can't see where it's housed in the site. I can't even name it as homepage because I don't know where it is located.
If you go to the site's address "mexicocityavantgarde.org" you'll see it's the first page. It's mirroring the homepage. I need to present this site soon at a conference and I'd like to have this issue solved. Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated. :)

Have you tried un-setting the page cartographies-of-the-mexican-avant-garde as the homepage, saving, and then going back in and re-setting it?

Or did you use some other option to reset the homepage from the root of your site (mexicocityavantgarde.org)

mebrett and I poked around a little deeper, and discovered that it is a little more involved than we originally thought.

Looks like the Simple Pages plugin displays slightly differently when you are on the home page vs navigating to it directly. That's the difference between the direct link you gave above, vs clicking 'Home' as you have your navigation set up.

The file to change, then, is in the plugin SimplePages/views/public/page/show.php

These lines are what makes the difference:

<?php if (!$is_home_page): ?>
    <p id="simple-pages-breadcrumbs"><?php echo simple_pages_display_breadcrumbs(); ?></p>
    <h1><?php echo metadata('simple_pages_page', 'title'); ?></h1>
    <?php endif; ?>

To make the display the same regardless of how you get to the page, delete the first and last lines.

Note that when a new release of Simple Pages comes along (which might be soon) those changes would be overridden, but it looks like a simple enough change to keep track of.