External file storage of original files on local network RAID array

I'm looking at installing another instance of Omeka for a digitisation project. Ideally I'd like a simple quasi-preservation layer, using Omeka as a lightweight DAM. Omeka would be installed on a Mac Mini running OS X Server on a LAN (i.e. not exposed to the web).

To do this I'd like to store /files/original (big TIFFs) on a file server on the same local network and use Daniel Berthereau's ArchiveRepertory plugin to create a human-readable directory (with filenames as existing accession number) structure in conjunction with the Reports plugin to save human-readable metadata files in a directory at the root of /files/original.

Thus the original TIFF files end up on the RAID array (redundancy, versioned backup, etc) and the JPEG large, medium, and thumbnails remain on the web server ('large' is good enough for regular use, with link to original file from admin in case it's needed).

Any advice appreciated.



I've managed to test this scenario and it seems to work well.

I removed the 'originals' directory, replacing it with a symbolic link (symlink) to point 'originals' at a volume on the network. Everything worked as expected.

I tested ArchiveRepertory (https://github.com/Daniel-KM/ArchiveRepertory) with the rule to store item files by /files/originals/collection-name/dublin-core-identifier/original-filename.tiff

(the original filename being the accession number of the item)