Extending OAI-PMH Repository Plugin


I´m trying to extend the OAI-PMH Repository Plugin by adding the Europeana Semantic Elements (ESE) format.

I´m almost done but I have a couple of questions.

Europeana wants the element europeana:type in capital letters. I´m getting the values for that element by mapping it with the dc:type element (see code above) but I cannot get the text in capitals. I tried with the strtoupper function without lack. Any suggestions?

$europeanatypes = $this->item->getElementTextsByElementNameAndSetName('Type', 'Dublin Core');
        foreach($europeanatypes as $europeanatype)
            $this->appendNewElement($ese, 'europeana:type', $europeanatype->text);

Another question: Is there anyway to hide a particular type of items or collections from being harvested? The problem is that we only want to exposed through OAI the “historic” or “primary” (text, image, video, audio) but we also use the type “hyperlink” to make a directory of links to external resources that maybe useful to our users. I know that if we make those items “not public” they won´t be exposed by the OAI Repository plugin but that solution it is not ideal. Just wondering if anybody knows an easy alternative to this.

Thanks in advanced,