Exporting items from one Omeka to another (existing, in-production) Omeka

I have two Omekas running - a staging server, and a production server. There are about 111 items in the staging server we would like to pull into the production server, which already has some items.

We don't want to over write existing content - just add items from the other Omeka.

Any ideas on the easiest way to do this?

There isn't a completely easy way.

You can use the OAI-PMH plugins for exposing and harvesting metadata, but no files transfer.

Does the production server install have a lot of content in it already? If not, you want to copy by hand those to the dev server install. Then replace the production install with what is currently in dev (database + installation).

Hi all,

We have the same need as efrierso... We have content on an existing
1.2.1 Omeka that we want to copy to a new, separate 1.5.1 installation.

Our 1.2 and 1.5 Omekas are on different (though similar) boxes.. We do
not want to upgrade the older one. We do not want to destroy plugins
and usernames on the new one. We want to migrate content from one box
to another in an orderly way.

Here is our ideal solution:

An export task runs on the source server. It reads the .../archive area
and boxes up everything it sees there. It reads the old database and
boxes up everything related to content found there. The result is
some sort of complex export object, a file, named "allMyOldContent.xpt"
or something like that. This export task ideally can run on any version
of Omeka.

So the export object gets moved to the destination Omeka installation
and is presented as input to an import task. Image files are extracted
and *added* to the new .../archive area. Database records related to
new content are *added* to the new database, consistent with stuff
already there.

Some simplifying assumptions can be made: the import task will never
disrupt any existing collections on the destination Omeka. If
collection names collide, new collection names will be created. If
item names collide, new item names can be coerced. The idea is to
get content onto the destination server in an orderly way, then
let destination admins and editors sort out final resting places.

If we had a tool like that, our problems here would soon be over.

-- Calvin Miracle, UofL Libraries

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