Exporting from Omeka.net site to Omeka.org site

We have content from an old Omeka.net site and would like to export it our locally hosted version of Omeka. What's the best way to proceed?


I believe that the way to go about it is to contact the Omeka Team [ http://help.omeka.net/contact/ ], requesting the database and website files.

After you have these, you can use the server moving technique documented here:

The more current approach is to try the Omeka Api Import plugin. Install that on the target site, and on the omeka.net site turn on the API and create a key for a super or admin user. Then, point the Omeka Api Import plugin to the omeka.net site (more info)

Note that some types of content might be get transferred correctly. For example, there are currently bug in the transport of Contribution data, so if you use that plugin, you might want to deactivate it on both sides.

The help link posted by EdwardM does not work {http://help.omeka.net/contact/).
Is there a correct address?
Thank you!

The link is http://info.omeka.net/contact/

If at all possible, though, the API import will be the better option than trying to do that export.

I have been trying to migrate a series of sites using the Omeka Api Import plugin.

As you recommended, I have installed the Omeka API Import plugin on both sites and run it according to instructions provided. However, when I run the import, only the pages and the item metadata comes across — the items themselves (images and documents) are not imported.

Because we are switching from omeka.net to omeka.org, we have a migration deadline of early April, 2015, so this is quite concerning.

How can I get the images from the existing sites?

Are you running the import with an API key?

Yes, as per the instructions, we used an api key when importing.

Could you give a link to the omeka.net site from which you are trying to import? That'll let us give it a try on our end to diagnose in more detail.

You might also try activating error logging, and checking the logs for information about the progress or errors. Setting the log.priority to Zend_Log::DEBUG will get the most information (it should be reset to the default after the issue is sorted out). The information there might also help us diagnose the cause.

Certainly, ee tried the migration with two sites: our Virtual exhibit site and another one on Toronto's waterfront.

I will activate the error logging as you suggest, as well. Thank you, Patrick.

Thanks! A cursory look makes me suspect that the size of the files (or something) is making the download process timeout. That's something I've seen before, at least. Hope to have more info and ideas for you after I dig around a little more.

I just tried importing from those sites, and images/files came through okay for me. Hopefully there will be something in your logs.

It's also worth double-checking that you can create an item with attached file the usual way.

We are trying to use a different host tomorrow. If that resolves the situation, I will let you know. If not we will re-do the imports and send you the error logs.

Thanks for your help, Patrick.