Exporting files out of Omeka.net site to hard drive?


I'm working with a class that's developing an Omeka.net site for their course, and every student is uploading files of various sorts to the site. Is it possible for us to export these files at the end of the semester to our hard drives, so that we can upload them elsewhere (specifically, ContentDM)? I've seen reference to using Dropbox on the Omeka Forum, but am I right in thinking that this is only available for Omeka.org users? Thank you so much in advance!

Do you mean exporting all of the item data? or additional data like exhibits or collections? (I'm assuming that the files themselves aren't the issue, since you already have the files to upload them)

Hi Patrick,

I actually do mean the files, not the metadata. The students are each uploading files to the class site (19 students, around 5 or so files each), so I was wondering if we could then export all of these out of Omeka to a hard drive, to gather them all for further use (such as eventual uploading also to ContentDM).

Thanks in advance, Patrick!!

The most straightforward, if time consuming, way to do that would just be to go to the original file for each image and right-click to download it.

More straightforward still might be to have students email you the images they used.

Thanks, Patrick -- I thought that might be the case, but just wanted to be sure there wasn't any sort of "export files" option.

Thanks again for all your help!