Export options

What are the options for exporting? So far I've really only seen information about exporting from Omeka.net to locally hosted or vice versa. What about exporting to some kind of standard formats?

Current versions of Omeka have an option to enable an API for data sharing. There are also plugins for exporting Omeka data as METS and for making one's Omeka install an OAI-PMH Repository.

Is this the sort of thing you were thinking of?

You can also look at some scripts that create CSV files in PHP from me and Python from Caleb McDaniel.

Both work from the API that mebrett pointed to. Other formats would likely work best by building off of the API data to create whatever formats are needed.

I think I would be fine with the METS export, but I installed it, and I can't find how I can export the data. Shouldn't there be something I can click on in the sidebar menu?

Hi Roy,

One other set of options is to use the native export formats that come packaged with Omeka. From your dashboard, take a look at your items browse. At the very bottom of the page, you'll see a list of output formats that you can choose from (atom, json, rss, etc.).

As for the METS export, once you configure it, you can get the output for a single item or at the collection level. On the collection pages in the admin there will be an option to export as a zip of individual item METS xml files, or as one big METS xml.

Oh, duh! But is there a way to get a list of all the items? At ten items per page I would need to do 134 separate exports!

In the Dashboard under Appearance, and then Settings, you can increase the number of items visible to include many more items. I'm not sure that there is a limit, so you might be able to increase it to 1,340. Then, you should be able to produce the output from the admin/items/ page.

(I'm not technically savvy enough to help with the API bug, but someone else will follow up there.)

Ahh, thanks! That may just do it. I need to inspect the output formats to see if I get everything I need. Thanks!