Export of contribution content

I have a question about the contribution plugin. I'm a little new to this so forgive me if this is an obvious question or if its been asked before but it is possible to export contributed content (ie text, documents, video and audio files) out of Omeka? We'd like to use a facility like this to do some oral history but I need a platform that will allow me to extract contributed content for preservation in an alternative repository. Is this possible? Has anyone done it? If so how? Many thanks in advance.

There is the BagIt plugin using the BagIt spec. This will let you export items for an Omeka 1.5 installation. I don't know when it will be upgraded for Omeka 2.0

Contribution itself should be upgraded for Omeka 2.0 within a few weeks (we're currently testing and adding a new feature). Without BagIt updated for 2.0, however, that would limit the exporting.

On the other hand, Omeka 2.1, due out mid- to late-summer, will have an API that will let you write scripts to export/import into your alternate repository.

If your alternate repository can accept OAI-PMH data, we also have a plugin for that, also being updated for Omeka 2.0