Export Neatline exhibits


i'm just a bit curious about the possibilities of exporting an Neatline exhibit, and the items belonging to it?
This would be very neat if you have to migrate the whole database to another server running omeka.

I'm looking for either a complete mirror of the database with collections, items and exhibits, or just a way to export exhibits since there is several plug-in's to export metadata.


Hi Ruben,

There are a few options here...

1. Point the mysql instance in the db.ini to the same database. This is used in security-conscious environments where one database setting has write access, and the other is read only.
2. Make a database dump. Basically you dump from the database you want and then import on the target machine. I've got a bunch of scripts that do this. The down side is that you have to be disciplined to only make edits in one spot.
3. Set up MySQL replication https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/replication.html.

There's not currently an export feature in Neatline; the one time we really had to do it, I just wrote a script that dumped the neatline tables and wrapped the rows in SQL statements.


Thanks for your reply!

I had a look in the database I set up for Omeka, and yes a complete export of the database is indeed a possibility.

Since we operate with development servers and production servers, i'm not sure that replication is what we want.

Thanks again,
Ruben :)

If it helps, this is what we use to manage omeka instances and move things around.