Export metadata into an object

I have worked with Omeka on several separate installations so have a decent working knowledge. Gotta ask the following tho…

Reading of embedded metadata from objects during import, of course yes.

Question is… is it possible, is there a plugin, is anyone working on a plugin that would permit a user with proper permissions to add metadata from the Omeka user interface and then inject it BACK IN to the original object? I know, CSV exporting and then cobbling together a mechanism to import an object, sure. But… this anywhere on the radar?

You're talking about saving Item or File metadata back out to Exif data in an image or something like that, right?

I'm not aware of any plugins that work that way (usually we like to leave the original file untouched), but with the proper support in PHP or with a server-side utility for editing the embedded metadata, it seems like something that would definitely be possible (assuming you're using the default local storage so the original files are there on the server to be modified).

I think it's more of a issue of lack of interest, but there might be somebody working on it.