Export a CSV or XLS, etc?

Is there a method to export all items with links to files (the digital asset) as a CSV, etc? Thanks.

The best options are to use the tools that use the API, like omekadd from Caleb McDaniel (python) or this simpler one I did (PHP)

Thanks, Patrick.

The documentation on your OmekaApiToCsv script is a little vague. I defined the endpoint:

define('OMEKA_ENDPOINT', 'http://library2.gc.cuny.edu/legacy/api');
[behind a firewall, but this works:
This is the endpoint URL for the Legacy ETDs and Capstones REST API.
You can view site information here: http://library2.gc.cuny.edu/legacy/api/site
You can view available API resources here: http://library2.gc.cuny.edu/legacy/api/resources]

but it fails super quickly:
[sklein@lw3b OmekaCSV]$ sudo ./OmekaApiToCsv.php
./OmekaApiToCsv.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory
./OmekaApiToCsv.php: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `'OMEKA_ENDPOINT ','
./OmekaApiToCsv.php: line 3: `define('OMEKA_ENDPOINT', 'http://library2.gc.cuny. edu/legacy/api');'

First thought is that the command is

php OmekaApiToCsv.php

so it runs through PHP. I don't know whether the sudo before that is needed.

Seems like it is attempting to load a library that it is unable to:

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php/modules/ssh2.so' - /usr/lib/php/modules/ssh2.so: undefined symbol: php_checkuid in Unknown on line 0
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: memcache: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with module API=20090626
PHP compiled with module API=20100525
These options need to match
in Unknown on line 0

There were 2 php modules that were causing the problem. Ssh2 and memcache. Do not know if they are used by any other applications on the server, but disabled the modules in pho.ini and the errors went away.

I tried running in production and now get the following error when trying to run the OmekaApiToCsv.php script:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /var/www/html/OmekaCSV/vendor/guzzlehttp/guzzle/src/functions.php on line 24

any ideas?

It looks like the production server isn't up to the minimum requirement of PHP 5.4, which is there because of the requirements of the guzzlehttp library I'm using.