Expanding images in Omeka 2.4 Exhibit Pages


We've just upgraded to Omeka 2.4 and would like to be able to expand images to a larger size in our Exhibit pages. Is there a way to do this with CSS using the zoom feature or can anyone suggest any other techniques?

Are you looking to just show the images larger on the page, or to have something like a lightbox so users can optionally expand them?

The built-in layouts themselves give you a few options for showing files larger (in particular, choose the larger image sizes like Fullsize in the options for a block, which will both make Omeka use a larger source image and often also change the layout to reserve more space for it on the page). Themes can override the CSS and markup for any exhibit block layout as well, so you can alter the display further if you'd like. Even simpler, some layouts (like the "File" layout in particular) are designed to always use the maximum amount of space to show the attached file.

Something like a lightbox could be done either by overriding the layout in your theme or providing your own layouts in a plugin that set up the markup the way the lightbox script expects and add the Javascript for it.

For more specific options, a concrete example (by link or screenshot) of what you're seeing and what you're looking for would help.


Thanks for your reply. We'd like to if possible zoom in on the image as at


or have the image expand as at


Let me know if you have any ideas on how to do this.

Hi. This thread is similar to what I'm trying to do. I'd like a gallery layout inside an Exhibit to use fancybox.

Within exhibits/show.php, I see where exhibit_builder_render_exhibit_page() is called. And I see where plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/helpers/ExhibitAttachment.php has the actual code I want to alter.

So how could I override just that one file inside my custom theme? Will ExhibitBuilder look somewhere inside the theme directory structure for a new version of ExhibitAttachment.php?

Or if I'm totally off track, can you let me know a better way to do this?

Thanks so much