exif_read_data warning

I am uploading imagery in JPG format and receive the following warning:

exif_read_data(7c5d414991776862814c1098498304f4.jpg) [exif_read_data]: Process tag(x0000=UndefinedTa): Illegal format code 0x0000, suppose BYTE in /omeka/application/libraries/getid3/module.graphic.jpeg.php on line 49

Note that the upload works fine -- I just receive this warning. I suspect it has to do with how the imagery was created (I did not create the imagery, so I don't know). I see that there is a much newer version of the getID3 library available. Has anyone encountered that same warning and might updating the library make it go away?

I've never seen that particular error from getID3 before, but I'd bet that it's just a case of a malformed JPEG and/or bad EXIF data.