Exif Metadata of File Uploads

Does Omeka 2 generate and display EXIF metadata the same way Omeka 1 did? We have a plugin that uploads images via Oembed which used to display EXIF metadata beneath the uploaded image, but doesn't seem to do this anymore. In fact it seems to think the image might be video as we get this displayed in a sidebar:

mime_type: image/jpeg

dataformat: jpg
lossless: false
bits_per_sample: 24
pixel_aspect_ratio: 1
resolution_x: 1000
resolution_y: 745
compression_ratio: 0.048758389261745

Second, where is EXIF metadata stored?



As far as I can tell, the EXIF data isn't stored anywhere--it's generated on the fly for the view with PHP's json_decode function.

I get the video information for my JPGs, too. Given that the mimetype is correct, I think it's just that the metadata is being grouped strangely.

..I just realized that I didn't really answer your question at all. If what you're looking for is a way to view the EXIF data, the code to do so is

<?php echo file_id3_metadata(); ?>

It shows by default in admin view, but most themes don't include it in the public view.