Exhibits: Searching For Items When Building Exhibits

We're using the Exhibit Builder Plugin (Version 2.0.3) with the "Our Marathon" Digital Archive site, and we're running into some issues when attempting to populate exhibit pages with items. Specifically, the Search Form option that appears when you go to attach an item is really difficult to navigate / use. For example:

-We initially couldn't find the "search for items" button in the lightbox or the results.

-We're not getting any specific search results when we do click "search for items" and make specifications in the advanced search mechanism in the lighbox: instead we just get the list of every item in the archive.

-We'd like to be able to grab more than one item after doing an initial search so that we don't have to complete an individual search for every item.

I guess this post is in part to see if these are bugs / if people are experiencing similar issues when creating pages in exhibits. But I'm also curious about whether they are additional ways to tweak / hack the Exhibit Builder plugin to address some of these issues. Any assistance would be great; thanks!

I'm getting the same behavior with searching not seeming to actually search, but I'm not sure of why yet. Will take a look.

The bug has been fixed in the github repo, so you could grab the latest from there.

Or, the only change needed is in views/admin/javascripts/exhibits.js line 147. Change the method to GET instead of POST.

Thanks Patrick! We made the change and the search works now!