Exhibits page layout, graphic size is permanently changed

I created an exhibit page using "gallery-full-left," it looked as expected. I changed to "gallery-thumbnails-text-top," then changed back to "gallery-full-left. Problem: The top photo stays thumbnail size. What do I modify to return the first layout to the original code?

Problem appeared under theme "Spring," but continues through theme "Santa Fe"

My graphic sizes are default. I use latest ver. 1.3.2. I am experimenting at intelec.us/genealogy/

I can't seem to reproduce your error. You shouldn't need to change the code for the layouts to display the proper images on the front end.

Are you changing the exhibit theme or the theme for the entire site?

Try this: in the exhibit page layout remove the item that is the full-size and try a different image. And if the full-size image displays properly, remove that item and choose the original. Be sure to save the pages again after you switch the layouts.

Thanks for the response. The entire exhibit theme was changed. Your suggestion is something I already tried.

Since I had just started my exhibits, I entirely removed the Exhibits module and reinstalled it. Now "Gallery-full-left works as it is pictured.