Exhibits - Next -> Previous Links

Omeka Version: 2.3.1
PHP: 5.3.3
Exhibit Builder: 3.2.1

We have an issue with exhibit builder. When the public views All Exhibit Items within Omeka, the Next and Previous links are not going in order with the way that they are arranged within the exhibit.

For example, under all Exhibit Items we have item/900, item/917, item/918, item/914

If a user clicks on the first item and uses the Next/Previous links at the bottom they are going in order that each item was uploaded:
items/show/901, items/show/902, items/show/903, etc.

We would like to see if there is a way to change this code so that it correlates with the way that items are arranged within the exhibit?

Thanks - Z

There's nothing built in to Omeka that would make the next-previous links work that way. As you've seen, those links are very simplistic and just walk through the items in global order.

It should be possible to do this, because Exhibit Builder does pass a reference to the Exhibit being viewed when viewing an item, so the next/previous links could be replaced by a theme but I'm not aware of anybody having done that (you'd have to look up the order of the items in the exhibit manually).