Exhibits, change URL?

I have a quick question. I posted this in front end display, which was perhaps the incorrect forum.

I'm working with the exhibits plugin; however, for reasons of past practice we'd like to change the URL from exhibits to something else of our choosing. Is there a way to change this in the plugin configuration?


The only way to do this is by editing the routes.ini file in the Exhibit Builder plugin directory.


Which part of .ini file do we change "exhibits" to another name?

Here is the file:
exhibitAction.route = "exhibits/:action/*"
exhibitAction.defaults.action = "browse"
exhibitAction.defaults.controller = exhibits
exhibitAction.defaults.module = exhibit-builder

exhibitBase.route = "exhibits/:page"
exhibitBase.defaults.controller = exhibits
exhibitBase.defaults.module = exhibit-builder
exhibitBase.defaults.action = browse
exhibitBase.reqs.page = "\d+"

exhibitStandard.route = "exhibits/:action/:id/*"
exhibitStandard.defaults.controller = exhibits
exhibitStandard.defaults.module = exhibit-builder
exhibitStandard.defaults.action = browse
exhibitStandard.reqs.id = "\d+"

exhibitSimple.route = "exhibits/show/:slug"
exhibitSimple.defaults.controller = exhibits
exhibitSimple.defaults.module = exhibit-builder
exhibitSimple.defaults.action = summary

exhibitShow.route = "exhibits/show/:slug/:page_slug_1/:page_slug_2/:page_slug_3"
exhibitShow.defaults.controller = exhibits
exhibitShow.defaults.action = show
exhibitShow.defaults.module = exhibit-builder
exhibitShow.defaults.page_slug_2 = ""
exhibitShow.defaults.page_slug_3 = ""

exhibitItem.route = "exhibits/show/:slug/item/:item_id"
exhibitItem.defaults.controller = exhibits
exhibitItem.defaults.action = show-item
exhibitItem.defaults.module = exhibit-builder
exhibitItem.reqs.item_id = "\d+"

exhibitBrowse.route = "exhibits/browse/:page"
exhibitBrowse.defaults.controller = exhibits
exhibitBrowse.defaults.action = browse
exhibitBrowse.defaults.module = exhibit-builder
exhibitBrowse.reqs.page = "\d+"