ExhibitBuilder Public/Not Public

I've marked my exhibit 'not public', but it's still showing up on the site. The plugin description indicates:

"Exhibit is public/not public: NB: If you are designing the exhibit in stages, you probably do not want to make your exhibit public. "

I've tested it on two different sites (one is the 1.0 version and the other is the previous iteration) and am having luck on neither site.


It seems to be specific to Firefox. IE doesn't display the exhibit marked not public.

Please disregard my posts. You have to reload the site entirely. Refreshing the browser tab/window isn't sufficient.

Sorry and thanks!

Hi mjaeggli,

One thing to remember is that if you are logged into the back end while you are building an non-public exhibit and then you check it in your browser, you will see it. This also happens with non-public items.

First, log out and then check it. At that point, you should not be able to see your exhibit-in-the-works linked from your public site.