ExhibitBuilder: option for display of multi-file items

It would be nice to have some options for how to display mult-file items in ExhibitBuilder. I don't know if this is the best way to handle it, but what I currently have is a them option for Diaplay All Files. If true, display all files of an item, if false and it's a multi-file item, display a link to the item page along with the first file image:

in exhibit_builder_exhibit_display_item in ExhibitFunctions.php:

<p>    if ($file) {<br />
    	if ( get_theme_option( 'Display All Files' ) ) {<br />
    		$html = display_files_for_item( $item->Files, $displayFilesOptions, $fileWrapperClass );<br />
   	    }<br />
   	    else {<br />
         	$html = display_file($file, $displayFilesOptions, $fileWrapperClass);<br />
         	if ( count($item->Files) > 1 ) {<br />
           		$html = $html . exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit_item(null, $linkProperties, $item);<br />
         	}<br />
		}<br />
    } else {<br />
        $html = exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit_item(null, $linkProperties, $item);<br />

Or is this something that is better done in the exhibit_builder_exhibit_display_item filter called at the end ?

( Eventual goal is probably to just display the first image, and put the others in lightbox display. )

Using the exhibit_builder_exhibit_display_item filter would probably be more flexible, since that could be used across different layouts, and your custom code would be in your theme and not something users would have to edit in the ExhibitBuilder plugin.

You could add this function and the call to the filter in a custom.php file in your theme's root.

Just to note that there was a bug in the above code.
( It sort of worked, but the options weren't passed correctly, and it displayed the wrong format image. )

This code:
$html = display_files_for_item( $item->Files, $displayFilesOptions, $fileWrapperClass );

should be:
$html = display_files_for_item( $displayFilesOptions, $fileWrapperClass, null );

Thanks for the update.

Note: you don't need to pass that third argument at all, since null is the default value for that argument.