ExhibitBuilder change for text with full size image

We are presently upgrading Omeka and ExhibitBuilder. I'm seeing a big layout difference between ExhibitBuilder versions 1 and 3 for text with full size images. When comparing the content on the old site to the new site for pages created with full size images, it looks like the old site has the full size image inside a div/exhibit-item which had CSS associated to limit its width to 48% - thus the images were never truly displayed in full size (unless they were small). With ExhibitBuilder 3.x there is no div/exhibit-item, instead I'm just seeing the img tag inside of div/exhibit-items that has a 100% width. The new version would seem correct in that the images are truly displaying in full size. I just want to confirm this is correct so that I don't have to worry that we have some bug/conflict going on with some other plugin.


Yes, the layouts aren't a 1:1 match from the old Exhibit Builder.

I do believe that the .exhibit-items div is, by default, constrained to 40% of the page width at most, though. (If we're talking about the "file with text" block layout).

Yes I am talking about the file with text block layout. I've just been examining one of our migrated exhibits and even though it shows the proper "div .exhibit-items right fullsize" around the img tag, Firebug doesn't show the appropriate CSS with the 40% width from layout.css being applied. Someone else did some additional testing with some other migrated exhibits and those seem to display properly and have the correct CSS applied. Any thoughts on what to look at if it works for some migrated exhibits and not another if they are all using the same custom theme and layouts?

With some additional viewing of the HTML generated, I think the problem is that in the exhibit where the image is not restricted to 40% width, the layout.css file is not included in the header:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="http://omekadev.lib.virginia.edu/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/shared/exhibit_layouts/file-text/layout.css">

Thoughts on why this is selectively being added by the plugin?

Does exhibit builder always load the layout.css file whenever an exhibit page is loaded if the fire_plugin_hook(public_head) is called? Or is the layout.css only loaded if the page being loaded contains layout content, e.g. file with text, etc.?

I ask this question because when the navigation is created after the <head> page content is generated, we check to make sure the page has content and if it doesn't then we go to the child or next page that contains content and make that the current page for the rest of the page render. So it's possible the page being loaded doesn't have layout info but we wind up generating content that does.

If this is the problem for why the layout.css file is not present, how do I go about doing a redirect in Omeka to another page so that the non-empty page gets loaded with the correct <head> content instead of the empty page?