Exhibit_builder_page_nav parameters question

Hi there,

I'm trying to output the section pages for one particular page to summary.php. I was looking at this the exhibit_builder_page_nav function in order to accomplish this:

<?php exhibit_builder_page_nav($section = null, $linkTextType='title'); ?>

I'm a little confused by what the format of the $section parameter should be. Should it be the title of the exhibit section in quotation marks? (i.e., section title is "exhibit photographs, and the code would look like $section = "exhibit photographs") Or would it be the numerical id of the section? (if there is one, I don't have immediate access to the database we're working with)

I hope this question makes sense, and thanks for your help!

It should be an ExhibitSection object. If you know the id of the section (there is one!), you can use

$section = exhibit_builder_get_exhibit_section_by_id($exhibitSectionId)

to dig up the ExhibitSection object you want.