exhibit_builder_get_exhibits does not exist

http://omeka.org/codex/Exhibit_builder_get_exhibits indicates that this function exists and is part of Exhibit Builder. I did a search of the Exhibit Builder code base and the Omeka code base and this function was not found in either. Placing

<?php if (function_exists('exhibit_builder_get_exhibits')): ?>
        	<p>Test two</p>
<?php endif; ?>

in a theme's index.php with Exhibit Builder activated fails to print "Test two". I discovered this because I am trying to list the exhibits and thought this would return an array of exhibits I could step through.

It looks like that is the documentation for Omeka 1.x. Unfortunately we haven't moved the exhibit builder function documentation to the 2.x documentation.

The replacement for Omeka 2.x sites is

get_records('Exhibit', array('sort'=>'recent'), $num);

See get_records() for more detail.