Exhibit videos jumping to item record playing

We are still having trouble with our video jumping to the item record the moment it is played. Here is an example http://plainsart.org/omeka/exhibits/show/david-bradley/david-bradley/video-test-page
Any advice on how to work around this bug?


Could you explain exactly what is happening?

When I load that page, I get a QuickTime video that loads but does not automatically play.

If I click the play button for the video, it starts, and appears to work correctly.

After the video appears on the exhibit page, if you click the play arrow the video starts to play and the page jumps to the item record for the video.
See http://plainsart.org/omeka/exhibits/show/david-bradley/chippewafamily/black-oak-video
We are using Omeka 1.2.1 and Exhibit Builder 0.5.2. The files are all .mov files with type being "moving image".
We are seeing this issue in Safari, Chrome Firefox and Rockmelt.
Any help would be great

We can't replicate what is happening to you. It's playing within the exhibit page on our browsers.

Are you able to click play and watch the movie in this exhibit (note, this just starts with a black screen)?

Yes, Martha Washington is also jumping for me. I've tried it on all of our computers and I am seeing the same issue. Do you want me to screen record it?

You are not crazy, we just discovered a bug in the exhibit builder. This will be ready for the upcoming 1.3 Omeka release (later this month) when we will also release a new exhibit builder. The new exhibit builder must run on 1.3, which is why we can't release it now.

We apologize for the mixups, but the repaired version will be available soon.