Exhibit Themes


I'm a little confused about themes. Is there a directory of themes specifically for exhibits? If so, where do I find it?

Thank you.

Look in the ExhibitBuilder plugin files, themes are in /views/shared/exhibit_themes

Oh, yes, I know about that directory. What I meant was, are there additional theme files that I can download to this directory as one can to change the overall site theme? I hope this makes sense.

Thank you.

Right now there is no Theme Directory for Exhibits.

You could try requesting the files if there's a particular exhibit you like.

Will do.


Willis: Ryan's right that there currently isn't a directory for downloadable exhibit themes, but we do plan to have one soon.

Jeremy: Has the status of a hosted exhibit theme directory changed in the past twelve months? If not, is there a projected date for its being hosted?

Also, I've not been able to track down Omeka exhibit themes not hosted on the main site. Links, if you know of any, would be marvelous.