Exhibit slug

I am wondering is there a function or a way to get the slug (and title) of an exhibit? Thank you.

Both of those things are available in the Exhibit object.

Where are you looking to get these things at?

I would like to get the slug and use it to create a new url. All these will be inside a specific exhibit. Could you be more specific on the Exhibit object? Is there a page or example I should check out? Thank you.

Inside an exhibit you should be able to call get_current_record('exhibit') and get the Exhibit object. You can then access things like $exhibit->title or $exhibit->slug.

Note, for making links within an exhibit, there are Exhibit Builder helper functions for making those links, like exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit.

Hi John,
Thanks for your quick response. But it still does not work on my page. I am wondering if this is a function that beyond my current version? I am using 1.5..

Ah, on 1.5, the get_current_record call should instead be get_current_exhibit().