Exhibit show.php Not Responding

Greetings. This is doubtless a beginner's question, but apparently I'm stumped. I want to move the class exhibit-page-nav from where it sits into another div that I've made, and is located in the common/header.php file. I'm using the Default/Thanks Roy theme, and out of the box, it did NOT have an exhibits directory, so I copied one from another theme so that I could edit the exhibits/show.php document. Sadly, no changes I make to the new exhibits/show.php file appear on the page I'm editing, which has the url /exhibits/show/xyz. I can't seem to figure out where the content for this page is being drawn from. What am I not understanding?

Starting at the theme's root directory, the file you should be editing should be called:


Is this the name and path of the file you're editing?

Thanks for the reply John. Unfortunately, there isn't an exhibit-builder directory in the root. There is an ExhibitBuilder directory in the plugins directory, but the show.php for it is buried here: plugins\ExhibitBuilder\views\public\exhibits and isn't at all what I was looking for. If the exhibit-builder directory is supposed to be in the root, wouldn't it have been included in the original download of Omeka? I know I haven't deleted it. Ideas?

Well, you said you copied "an exhibits directory" from another theme.

In a theme, the view file for an ExhibitBuilder exhibit show page would go at


That's where any other themes that override that view would have that file.

As for your question about the "root," by "the theme's root directory" I meant themes/your-theme, not the top-level Omeka directory.

Right, I know you meant the theme root. My theme root contains the following directories: Collections, common, css, exhibits (the one I copied in), images, items. That's it. No exhibit-builder folder. Never had it, so I just copied one in from another theme and now I have something to work with - thanks!