Exhibit sections and page navigation?

I can't seem to find any functionality to include exhibit pages as clickable navigation choices in my exhibit's Exhibit Sections DIV. Ideally, the pages of any section would be listed (and visually differentiated via indents, bulleting, whatever) beneath the section listing.

Exhibit sections and pages are usually listed hierarchically in the public theme. What site and exhibit themes are you using that are not showing your exhibit sections and pages?

I'm not sure if this applies, but after you build a section and some pages, in order to see them on the public site the entire exhibit must be made public.


It's a question of being able to control where those pages are listed. For example, in either Noire or Modern, the exhibit's home page only lists exhibit's sections, whereas page links are only displayed on their respective section main pages. And no, the public or non-public status of the site does not change this format.

praino: So do you want to display all the pages for each section? Or the pages for a specific section?

If the former, you can use, as of ExhibitBuilder version 0.5, a helper function called exhibit_builder_nested_nav(). This function will create a nested list of your exhibit sections and pages. If you want to display all the pages, use the following arguments:

exhibit_builder_nested_nav(null, true);

The second argument, 'true', tells the function to display all the pages, instead of the pages for the current section. This will create an unordered list, showing all all sections and their subsequent pages. Again, this function was introduced in version 0.5 of the plugin, so you may need to upgrade.

Hope this helps!