Exhibit Page Layout


My exhibit page layouts do not always look exactly like the sample layout that I select. For example, I am using the gallery-thumbnails-text-bottom layout, but instead of a 3x4 image layout, mine is 4x3. If I choose the gallery-full-left layout, I lose the second column of thumbnail images. Are these differences due to the original size of my images? Something else?


What are your thumbnail sizes? I wonder if the thumbnails are wrapping, causing the 4x3. You may need to edit the css so the thumbnails don't wrap in this way.

Is there a recommended size for these images? The images I have uploaded are not actual thumbnails images, because I didn't like the way they appeared on the item pages at 200x200. Can I change that default? Perhaps that is the way to go.


oh, I seed that I can change the default thumbnail size via the general settings. I'd still appreciate knowing if there is a recommended size for these images.


At the moment, we don't have recommended image sizes, but I think most of the themes we released use square thumbnails on the browse pages, so images that have nice looking square thumbnails will look better.

I should note that if you change your thumbnail settings, Omeka does not currently resize your old thumbnails. The new settings will just affect new items that you add. So it is important to set your image size settings in the General Settings like you want them before you start to seriously import items.

Ok, thanks.

Right now I am still experimenting but it's good to know that I'll probably have to reload everything once we establish our desired settings.