Exhibit Migration to new server?

Greetings all. I am wondering if there is a way to migrate an exhibit I have created on my institution's server to my personal hosted server?

I see through the API plugin I may transfer item data, but is there a way to transfer the entire exhibit or even items as is?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

The API plugin will try to pull in Exhibit data as well as Item data -- indeed, it tries to pull in Collections, Users, and data from a handful of other plugins.

So, depending on how big the site is on the institution's server, you might just pull in all the data using the plugin, and delete what you don't care about. If there's too much for that approach, we can work on some more complex approaches.


Per your second point, the site is to large to pull in all the data, and faculty is uncomfortable with this approach. We would need to try some more complex methodology to pull in the single exhibit.

Next approach? Thanks for all of you help.

Again, depending on the number of items involved, one approach would be to temporarily make all the content in the original site that you do not want private. Then, do the import without using an API key -- that'll make it so the only content that gets imported is the public stuff. What's temporarily not public will be missed. Once the import is done, switch the appropriate stuff back to public.

That might not be much better than the original idea, since you're still making a change to the same number of records (just here switching public/not public at the beginning, instead of deleting after the import), but it might be quicker.

Options after this go into some code hacking.

Note that any option will require some time to identify which content should and should not be imported. It's really just a matter of how to make that identification and have the import respect that. Thus, the choice of best approach probably comes down to the most efficient way of doing that.