Exhibit Links to item pages?

I'm trying to figure out a way to display a large number of images as part of an exhibit, and automate some description text for them (see my post in the thread Does Exhibit Builder's Caption Feature Support PHP).

An acceptable alternative would be to display the thumbnails of the images in a gallery layout template, so viewers can click through to a larger view and metadata. This would work ok if the exhibit thumbnails linked to the regular item/show pages, but instead they link to the exhibit's own equivalent. For some reason those pages are very different in my exhibit, and in fact I'd like to take advantage of that, but I can't figure out how/where to edit that. Basically, I want to edit the exhibit item page to put a large image right at the top.

So, either:
how/where do I edit the item/show page within an exhibit?


how/where can I edit the thumbnail in an exhibit to link to the regular item/show page?



As of the version bundled with Omeka 1.3, ExhibitBuilder will look in your theme for exhibit summary, exhibitt show, and exhibit items/show pages, and will use those instead of its own defaults, if they exist.

This is covered in a somewhat roundabout way on the Codex page Changing Exhibit Themes to Public Themes, but the practical upshot is that if your theme contains a file at exhibit-builder/exhibits/item.php, it will completely override the items/show page within the exhibit.

Thank you! That helped me find what I needed to fix. Yay!


I found this thread while looking for a solution to arkirkland's initial question.

I also would prefer that the thumbnails in my exhibits link out to the existing items/show page, instead of an exhibit/items/show page. Though it seems that I could edit the exhibit/items/show page to look identical, the existing items/show page may have comments that will not be seen on the exhibit/items/show page.

So, how/where can I edit the thumbnail in an exhibit to link to the regular item/show page?

If you use the Current Public Theme for your exhibit theme, you won't need to do anything and clicking a thumbnail will take a visitor directly to the regular items/show page.

Thanks, Sheila!