Exhibit Display

I am using the page with picture layouts at the first page of my exhibit tab, since I thought people might find it more intuitive to start clicking here rather than click through descriptions.


Can you tell me how I could insert a one or two sentence description right below the title of the exhibit, "Discover"? I just need to know which php file I can put a div and a paragraph description in. (I've been noodling around changing files in the exhibit folder to no avail.)

Thank you so much!

If I'm following right, it'll be in ExhibitBuilder/views/public/exhibits/show.php. You'd insert what you want right after

<h1><?php echo link_to_exhibit(); ?></h1>

You can also override the exhibit builder's files in your own theme. In you theme, you would create these directories an exhibit-builder directory and exhibits directory inside it:


Then copy the show.php file from the exhibit builder's code into the new exhibits directory you just made. Then you can make the changes without affecting ExhibitBuilder's code.

Thank you so much, that worked perfectly! I saved it in my theme so as not to mess up the original code. My apologies for asking so many questions in the forums, and thank you for your help and patience!