Exhibit description image

I am a graduate student who is building exhibits for our university's archives website, and our IT department recently switched to 2.2.2. While I have managed to figure out the new way to upload photos to pages within an exhibit, I have not been able to figure out how to place an image with the exhibit description. With the version we had before, I simply copied the HTML code from other exhibits and used it to insert a photo, but now it it appears I can no longer do this. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

The description part of an exhibit really doesn't work any differently than it did before. What's happening that's not working?

The images seem to have disappeared. All of them work on the individual pages, but for the exhibit main page, the description had a photo embedded with it. Now, those photos have disappeared, and when I looked at the code, the coding for it was gone as well.

In the Administrative interface, take a look at Settings / Security and scroll down to HTML Filtering. If Enable HTML Filtering is checked, then img needs to be present in the Allowed HTML Elements box, or it will be stripped from your exhibit text.