Exhibit Builder=>Modifying Navigation in Header

How do I customize the header and footer navigation to control which simple pages appear and in what order?

In my themes common header and footer, I have the following defined:

<?php echo public_nav_main(array( 'Library Home'=>uri('../'),'Collection Home' => uri('../34th_st/'), 'Browse Items' => uri('items'))); ?>

And see this in the plugins plugin.php page:

unction exhibit_builder_public_main_nav($navArray)
$navArray['Browse Exhibits'] = uri('exhibits');
return $navArray;

but if I suppress my entire navigation disappears. I would like to suppress in header and footer, how?

Have you looked at this use case for editing the navigation?

This will work for both the header and the footer. In the case of Simple Pages, you can choose to publish the page, but not link it to the public navigation automatically (do not check that box when editing that page). Then add the page's URI, (w/the custom slug) to the navigation.

Thanks, Sheila. Yes, checked out the documentation and was not sure how to use it with Exhibit Builder. Meanwhile, I will play around more with Simple Pages. Thanks.



I answered you other question about navigation, but I am unclear what you are asking here. It seems as though you are trying to suppress the link to exhibits? My answer on your other question should help you with that.

Thank you, this is quite helpful.

I used nav (), and it is quite useful. However, it appears that if I set Exhibit is public to "No," nav () is not able to 'transcend; the masking and unable to see the exhibit.

The question, I guess, becomes how to supress "Browse Exhibits" generated by Exhibit Builder, but still be able to access exhibits using nav ()?

I'm sorry, again I'm not completely sure I understand the question, but it seems as though you would like to create direct links to specific exhibits?

First off, when you say suppress "Browse Exhibits" do you mean the actual page or the link in the navigation? If you are using nav() it should not be creating a link in your main navigation.

If you do mean the actual page, short of deleting the view, I don't know of another way to suppress it. However, if it is not included in the navigation, the only way users would be able to access is is by typing ~/exhibits into the address bar.

I am getting the sense that there are exhibits showing up in the list on Exhibits Browse that you have not marked public, but that you can see and this is the overriding issue. In this case you are likely able to see them on the page because you are logged in. If you log out and view the page you will not see any exhibits not marked public.

Sorry that I was unclear. I wanted to suppress the Browse Exhibits link, but make the exhibits available. I saw how my logic was confused. Thank you for your help.