Exhibit Builder=>Modern Theme=>does not display in MAC browsers

The Exhibit Builder's modern theme does not display in Safari or Firefox on MAC.

Here is an example:


Please try on MAC.

It seems as though the large fullsize images are causing the content div to hide. If you remove overflow:hidden from #content (line 40 of screen.css) it should work.

Appears to resolve all, but has cascading side effect of making this content disapper:


and resizing Title navigation (tiles used to line up with item cotent:


Resolved by changing to overflow to 'visible'

Thank you.

Yes, there likely will be other necessary tweaks to the CSS. Given the large size of your images, this might not be the best exhibit theme, although I'm not certain they would display better in other themes.

Just as a heads up, these exhibit themes will likely be deprecated in the next release of Omeka. Instead, you will be able to choose any Omeka themes you have installed.

Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.