Exhibit Builder - theme display off in IE

I am having some issues with the display of my page content in Internet Explorer (using 8). Everything appears correctly in Firefox/Safari. The Summary page of the exhibit in questions is located at http://qcarchives.com/sci/exhibits/show/titanic. You will see that I fixed the issue on the Summary page, which looks correct, however, once you get into the page all of the Show pages are off (this is how the Summary page used to look). What I changed in the Summary page was the following:

- removed ,'bodyid'=>'exhibit','bodyclass'=>'summary from the header
- I had to add a specific call for the code section I wanted by adding <?php if (exhibit('slug')=='titanic'): ?> (this was formerly just <?php else: ?> because we have different instructions for different exhibits)

So I tried the same technique on the show page by removing , 'bodyid'=>'exhibit','bodyclass'=>'show' from the header but it is still shifting everything on the screen to the left. It should be rendering like the Summary page with the content aligned in the center-div (it does this correctly in Firefox). Any ideas on what I need to change to fix this issue?


Follow up to this - I got it to work by adding "text-align:center" in my IE css file body div, sollowed by a "text-align:left" in my center-div. Still not sure why it was doing that but looks normal now.